Social Media Engagement Growth

People throw around the word social media marketing a lot without a real grasp of its actual meaning – brands are pushing their products and services on social media without proper lead generation tools. Engagement is not merely about asking visitors to like your page or share your post. The real meaning of engagement is to guide people towards the conversion process and the generation of more traffic.

How to increase social media engagement growth

Use the live tools

More traffic on social media involves adding a live video post instead of the dormant text and image posts. This side of the equation allows people to know your business and its management team in a more intimate way that encourages participation.

People are three times more likely to engage in a live video than they would with a text status. A restaurant can share a few minutes if its dinner setup or a musician can share a special moment in his everyday life to draw enthusiastic engagements from fans. The video will continue to increase engagement on social media quickly after months and years of the posting because new subscribers will be looking for ways to connect with the spirit of your business.

Ask for reactions

Salespeople know that the best way of increasing social media statistics is by making the subscribers feel like they are part of your business. Encourage them to share your brand’s message by creating give away gifts and asking for their opinion about your brand or product. Tagging your top fans or giving them a badge is another way of ensuring other people like comment and share your post.

Add images

Linked Leads has developed tips for increasing social media engagement growth that explain why people’s brains react as they do in the marketing arena. You can trust that our marketers will add the right elements, such as images, to increase social media engagement. We understand that people have better optical absorption than through posts. The best marketing tools for your brand will include rich and influential pictures from Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and other social media portal.

Make funny and realistic content.

Humor is the most appealing aspect of today’s social media posts. Funny posts in the form of ‘memes’ capture immediate attention because they express a clear and concise message through a short text and an image to match the emotion.

Big brands understand the importance of adding emotions and humor to their campaign. Social media users who are overly promotional in serious messages have a reason to use jokes to get better reactions. Adding fun adds value to your viewer’s day, hence creating a favorable rapport with your brand.

The best marketing team understands the balance between humor and professionalism. We make all your posts to be about your brand so that the audience does not lose focus on your marketing plan. Social media is at the core of today’s marketing world. It creates a domino effect of positivity and allows the brand to increase conversions quickly. Contact us if you want social media success with our automated systems. Schedule a live call for a demo of our service and all other related queries.